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We offer BOARDING 365 days a year. 


For many of our regular guests we are their second home. After a day at Dog Day Care, the dogs usually walk in and plop down on the couch, an area rug, or on their bed after an exciting day of play at the farm. They become part of our family for the evening. At night, everyone sleeps in their own individual space in the kennel. They each have their own rug, bed, food bowls and are not crated. It is climate controlled and we have radiant floor.


We have a small dog area, as well as a big dog area. We have larger spaces for multiple dogs that are used to being together.

day care

We offer multiple large indoor and outdoor double-gated play yards.

The outdoor grassy areas allows your dog to run, jump and play with other wonderful dogs. They are encouraged to socialize, play ball, Frisbee, lounge in the baby pool during the warmer days and learn on the agility equipment.

When raining, or during the colder months, we have a cozy and warm indoor facility. In instances of snow, where the roads may be impassible, we follow the Council Rock school schedule. If they are delayed, expect us to be as well. If they are closed, please call to make sure we are running day care.

Between 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. daily with the exception of holidays such as Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving. We do have coverage of these holidays if boarding your pet, but no daycare available on those dates.

dog training

At Sit.Stay. we believe that a lot goes in to owning a happy, healthy dog. Every dog requires the proper food, exercise, love and shelter. More often than not, our 4 legged kids require some training and we as their parents require an education in how to properly train them. 


Our trainer, Harry Vitello, is a former police K9 handler and brings this unique experience of working with police K9's to Sit Stay. Harry brings a practical approach to dog training. Time, consistency, positive reinforcement, and often thinking outside the box, he quickly bonds with the dog, modifies the behavior and then teaches you how to achieve the same result.

Dog  grooming

We offer Basic, Premium and Ultra Dog Grooming 


A service we sometimes offer. If staff is available, we can spend the day or overnights with your pet, at your house. The service can possible include caring for the other pets such as cats, rabbits, etc. and bringing in the mail.At Sit. Stay., we are constantly looking for ways to expand on the services we offer our community of dog lovers.


Sometimes, because of age or anxiety, dogs are more comfortable in their own homes than in a daycare setting. So we are pleased to announce the latest addition: daytime home visits to walk, feed, and water your dog, and overnight home stays (when available) so that your four-legged friend can remain in his own surroundings when you are away.

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