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We offer TRAINING at Sit Stay in Newtown, PA.

At Sit. Stay. we believe that a lot goes in to owning a happy, healthy dog. Every dog requires the proper food, exercise, love and shelter. More often than not, our 4 legged kids require some training and we as their parents require an education in how to properly train them.

Our trainer, Harry Vitello, is a former police K9 handler and brings this unique experience of working with police K9's to Sit Stay. During his career, Harry was recognized as the most improved K9 team, received the United States Police Canine Association Patrol Dog 1 certification; coming in second place overall, with first place finishes in obedience and agility and a third place finish in criminal apprehension.


Harry also received the United States Police Canine Association Regional Narcotic certification, a Criminalistics K9 Excellence Quarterly Award for a police canine capture of a fugitive and recognition from the US Marshall's Service for the apprehension of a wanted felon from North Carolina. In addition to many apprehensions, evidence recoveries and narcotic finds, Harry also has received numerous letters of appreciation for his work as a K9 handler from police departments and the public.

Harry brings a practical approach to dog training. Time, consistency, positive reinforcement, and often thinking outside the box, he quickly bonds with the dog, modifies the behavior and then teaches you how to achieve the same result.

With education, structure, and patience the bad habits that your dog has picked up over the years can be changed and you can get your dog set for a lifetime of success. Are you confused about how to bring a new puppy or rescue dog into your home? Do you need help acclimating your dog to a new baby?

Harry can help fix any issue from aggression, counter surfing, jumping up, and the ever popular dragging and pulling on the leash. He works with all ages and all breeds puppies, rescue dogs, your 5 year old jack russell that won't stop jumping on guests at the door.....

Our prices are a la carte. You do not purchase a package. This means, that you only pay for as many classes, or training sessions as you need. 


Group classes at the farm

We offer small group classes at the farm that focus on each dog's individual needs but in a group forum. $30 hour 

Personal training at the farm

If you would like your dog trained during day care or while your dog is staying on vacation with us we can arrange that!


If you are away for a week and would like your dog to walk properly on leash when you get back; Harry can work with your dog while you're away and the dog is staying with us. It can then be arranged for you to meet with him to go over what steps you need to take to have success at home. $50 hour (plus the cost of boarding or day care)

1 on 1 training at your location

This is our most popular and most successful option. Harry works with you, your family and you dog to get everyone on the same page. This can take place at your home or if your issue arises at a park it can be arranged to meet there instead.

$100 an hour


For more Information and scheduling
Harry (215)694-9049 


Heather (267)242-9697

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