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We offer multiple large indoor and outdoor fenced, double-gated play yards.


The fenced, outdoor grassy areas allow your dog to run, jump and play with other friendly dogs outside. A normal day care experience includes socializing, playing ball, or lounging in the baby pool during the warmer days.

When raining, or during the colder months, we have a cozy and -warm indoor facility. In instances of snow, where the roads may be impassible, we follow the Council Rock school schedule. If they are delayed, expect us to be as well. If they are closed, please call to make sure we are running day care.


We separate the dogs based on size, age, temperament, personality and  energy level. 

Not all dogs are good day care candidates and we are very selective about the dogs that we accept into our day care program. This is for the safety of all the dogs as well as our staff and handlers. 

We assess each new dog individually and put them into a play group that is appropriate for them based on energy, temperament and size. Once we find the ideal "pack" we will continually place that dog in the same group with his or her same "friends".

Yes, dogs make friends too.

Concerns and Challenges

In order for your dog to be successful at day care, please be open and honest with us about any social or health issues that your dog may have:

  • Has your dog bit another dog or a person at any point?

  • Is your dog a flight risk?

  • Is your dog fearful of men or loud noises?


We appreciate full disclosure. This ensures the safety of fellow dogs and members of our staff.  Dog day care is a contact sport and all of our dogs are friendly and social, but they do have teeth and claws. Be aware that, although rare, dogs can potentially be injured while playing.


Also, just like when you send a child to daycare or school, if an illness is going around, a dog has the potential to get it. Kennel cough and Giardia can occur. Ask your veterinarian about vaccines.


Pick-up/Drop-off Services

With your busy schedules, we try to make your life a little easier by picking up your dog, or dropping them off after daycare or boarding.

Please give us a call for fees based on distance from our location and availability for this service.



Monday to Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. with the exception of holidays such as Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, July 4, Memorial Day etc.


We do have coverage of these holidays if boarding your pet, but no daycare available on those dates.

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