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About Us

The Roberts Family has lived in Newtown, Pennsylvania for over 60 years ago.


A 20 acre piece of land was purchased to establish a farm and business. The love of nature and animals has always taken center stage. The family has grown the business by working together and sharing the same passion for quality care.

Three generations are still bonded together daily to ensure the best dog care. Heather Roberts, Diana Roberts, Barry Roberts and Alissa Roth make each day special for the pups and the owners.

Heather Roberts started Sit.Stay. in 2003 as a favor to a few friends who needed a safe, loving environment to leave their dogs while they were away. Today, Sit.Stay. is a business that involves the whole family.


The location is in beautiful Newtown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania and has been where the Roberts family has lived and operated many businesses for over 60 years. A working knowledge of animal behavior and an eye for observation allows us to work with some dogs that may not have had success elsewhere. 

Our business continues to evolve and grow based on our clients ever changing needs but the basic, core values and goals are what sets us apart and has remained unchanged. We want to have a lifelong relationship with you and your dog where you feel 100% comfortable leaving your dog for a few hours or a few weeks and your dog is excited to be with us. We proudly call those that leave their dogs in our care, our Sit.Stay. Family. Our relationship with you is an important part of our success and we value the trust that you place in us each time you leave your Four Legged Family member in our care. 

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